Nokia Lumia 930 Will Be The Nokia Martini

The latest news for Nokia Martini comes from @evleaks on Twitter, who also leaked many of the Nokia Android news
 Very few things are known till now about Nokia’s new Windows Phone 8 smartphone which is codenamed Martini.Users who aren’t fans of the phablet design will probably opt for this since it is more compact,
Recently Nokia launched its new Nokia X, its 1st range of Android smartphones.
Now Microsoft is all set to build a new range of Windows Phone 8.1 devices. All the hints clarify that Martini will be a new high-end device.
The Nokia Martini will be the 1st Nokia smartphone with Microsoft branding on the handset.Martini will run Windows Phone Blue, no other hint on the Martini’s specifications, but being Nokia and Window Phone, it will definitely have a superb camera and it will be quad-core.
No fixed date of announcement of the device, but we could hear some details at the Microsoft’s Build Developer Conference in April.

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