Screenshots of WhatsApp’s first new Voice calling feature under Facebook.

The world’s biggest instant messaging service ‘WhatsApp’, which Facebook has bought for $19 billion, comes with its new voice calling feature.
The new update of WhatsApp will be very much same from today’s version. However, the news of hidden features like introduction of new wallpapers, Skype launch and Like options (yet to be revealed) in the update will definitely change the cards on the table.
Founder of WhatsApp Jan Koum said, we are adding voice to WhatsApp so that people can stay in taouch with family and friends.
In addition to calling feature, the new update will have a Camera button that will allow you to take a quick snap a photo or record a video.
With mind-boggling 450 million users worldwide, WhatsApp and its strong competitor WeChat have punched to telecom operators by offering free alternative to messaging.
The news of WhatsApp voice call facility will definitely add worries and surely some headache to telecom companies worldwide which got profit about of $120 billion from text messaging in 2013 (market researcher Ovum).

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